We as Study Buddy are specialized in designing, developing and producing educational tools for all children.

Study Buddy is specialist in het bedenken, ontwikkelen en produceren van hulpmiddelen voor in het onderwijs.

Study Buddy: Supports the educational needs of students

Our passion is to design and create innovative educational tools which enables every student to get the best out of him- or herself. It has all started with the sustainable, user-friendly concentration screen under the name of Study Buddy, but meanwhile we also provide smart solutions to support the working stance and speech/language development of students.


Our Study Buddies are helping many students to focus more in the classroom. The Study Buddy is collapsible/foldable, user-friendly, and easy to store.


The Book Buddies helps students to adopt a better position while working or reading. A good working position is less weary and also prevents back and neck complaints.

Speech therapy

The high quality and adjustable Study Buddy speech therapy mirrors are specially designed to support students during speech and language exercises.

What does Study Buddy have to offer you as a school?


With knowledge from the local school systems we can provide an appropriate solution for each type of education. Our products are already used in Primary, Secondary and Special education.


All our products are produced on the basis of the most durable materials. High-grade FSC-certified birch plywood ensures the best quality.


Our focus is on the direct relationship with schools and professionals. By using fewer links we can create a personal approach.


Our mission is to develop several new innovative educational products that can assist and support students in their (specific) educational needs.


Questions? Please let us know using our contact form.