Wigli Junior SoftSeat (Colour: Blue)

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Wigli will let children move freely!

For many children it is quite hard to sit still for a longer period of time. They want to move, continuously change position and use all their flexible muscles. Being forced to sit still feels like being trapped in a corset that limits their freedom to move.

The Wigli Junior SoftSeat gives children the opportunity to move around while sitting. A dynamic seat enables active sitting and offers total freedom of movement. It has been proven that sitting actively can help children to focus better on their work. Because of the movement brain stimuli will be triggered which leads to a improved concentration level. Sitting actively furthermore benefits the development of back and abdominal muscles.

The Wigli Junior SoftSeat is specially designed for children in the age from 6 to 13 and is fully in line with the European standards for school furniture.


  • The Wigli Junior SoftSeat is adjustable in height and in line with the European standards for school furniture (color code: pink to blue).
  • It has a stainless steel frame with a metal pin mechanism to adjust the height.
  • The rotatable SoftSeat is very comfortable for children and will offer protection to avoid sliding.
  • The Wigli Junior SoftSeat is easy to store on a desk, in the upside down position.


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